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    Diversity and Inclusion – are Unsustainable Policies


    “Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities, Can Make You Commit Atrocities”  – Voltaire

    Harvard University is inadvertently insisting that students and staff align with unsustainable and socially irresponsible policy – by requesting ambiguous Diversity and Inclusion Policies in its hiring policy. So are many government and businesses in Canada and elsewhere today.

    My field of research is Sustainable Societies, and I am also the founder of a new science in econometrics – Transition Economics. Bibles – if no-one taught you – are textbooks that try to describe sustainable societies, and Harvard University’s Puritan Philosophers & Academic Founders took the unusual step of founding a university based in part on “Scripture” for this reason.

    Ambiguous terms, generally – are both undefendable and weaponizable. For this reason, it is always advisable to adhere to Socratic Method’s best practice of saying what you mean – to disambiguate. For example:

    To explain concerns with the term “Diversity” …

    “Diversity” is an ambiguous term. It can add unsustainable policies of Immigration, On shoring, Offshoring, and even Racism – to a long list of Female Equity Policy social problems.

    To explain concerns for the term “Female Equity” …

    Fertility Rates in the U.S. are 1.8 and dropping, where sustainable fertility is 2.2. There are also thirty significant social problems raised by “Female Equity” policy in research – see

    New Zealand was the first nation to permit the female vote and Iceland was the first to elect a female President. Iceland has since had to implement laws to cap female employment at 60% in offices. Why? Not surprisingly, people hire themselves, and men were being denied access to incomes here, so laws had to be installed to prevent this in Iceland. Also, females won’t keep a non-contributing husband and second family in many cultures – where a male will consider this his responsibility as the head of a household. Women’s lower salary needs, gave companies who adopted this “Double Income Family” policy, a substantial salary, pension, and insurance-cost reduction (a substantial social cost externalization via starvation wages).

    Iceland is dying, in fact, with a fertility rate of 1.8. Its population of 338,000 is survived by immigration which has distracted Icelandic language and culture.

    Government and business policy in Canada, a country with Iceland-like Diversity policies, insists on open sexism and also ageism, as it embraces Female Equity programs today. Sexism is encouraged in hiring here, and in-home and business lending too, economic development investment, and so on. The politicians here might hope to garner more votes by targeting the country’s largest demographic groups – genders, middle income, working-class, etc., but whatever their motives, fertility rates in Canada are 1.6 and falling. Men have stopped offering marriage, women in their twenties don’t own homes, don’t have families of their own, nor children; however, they can find starvation wage jobs more easily than males – just like in the 1930s all over again.

    The impact to Canada’s population is remedied by unsustainable immigration – for which there is insufficient infrastructure and runaway housing bubbles both in major urban areas and across the country.

    To explain the problem with “Inclusion” …

    Respect and Empathy – are essential policies in any sustainable society, but Diversity and Inclusion – are provably not. When a consensus agrees that unsustainable policies – are important to Harvard University, Harvard is made cliché, populist and irrelevant; remember that 100s of generations called themselves “modern”, and yet none of those once-great civilizations survived.

    Clearly, the opinion of Experts – and needs of sustainability must be weighted higher than an inexperienced consensus-opinion.


    Men and women are right and left legs – equally indispensable to one another, and only viable by the other as well. Respect and Empathy – are essential policies in any sustainable society; God is “Good” – is repeated twenty-times in the Bible. Policies that are unsustainable can only be accommodated when there is a surplus of opportunity and prosperity in a nation; but that is not the case in today’s mature capitalism. Mature Capitalisms are expensive, dangerous, and preventable – and yet obviously not prevented today, precisely because we don’t adhere to the sage advice of voting for, sustainable policy as we see in ACT Parties.

    Find quantifiable metrics for Sustainable and Unsustainable Policy – explained more fully – at the World at our Hands Report.




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