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    Responding to Terrorism

    The largest single night of casualties due to Terrorism in France since World War II, took place on November 13th, 2015. The death toll of that terrible night was 140 at the time of this writing. September 11, 2001’s New York City death toll by terror attack was 2,997. Statistics on terror are kept by the U.S. Department of State.

    Seeking facts on Terrorism provides an understanding sufficient to consider what are appropriate, and inappropriate, Measured Responses. Take a look at the following statistics on Terrorism worldwide; it’s really not complicated, and then we will discuss solutions next.

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    2014 Highest Terrorism Countries

    (CounterTerrorism, 2014) – CounterTerrorism, B. of. (2014). Country Reports on Terrorism 2014National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism: Annex of Statistical Information. Retrieved November 14, 2015, from

    Tactics Used in Terrorist Attacks 2014 & 2012

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    Terrorist cells and attacks require cause, funding, armaments, security, communications, and access to opportunity in order to be successful. Opportunity for terrorists in Paris could have come through reduced refugee screening as was required during France’s humanitarian response to Syria’s urgent need for relief, but early reports also concluded that attackers probably entered France through Belgium.

    2015 Gun Violence Archive

    By way of comparison, statistics indicate that U.S. deaths by guns are much higher annually (11,467 in 2015) than the highest Terrorism death rate countries in the world. Iraq has the highest number of Deaths by Terrorism annually; in 2014 there were 9,920 killed. Worldwide, 25 U.S. non-combatants died from a terrorist attack in 2010, so obviously arming the planet doesn’t make good sense either.

    Before there were Muslims (recall that the Muslim faith is only here since 700 AD), there were Persians, Germanics, and others groups that attacked the Roman Empire consistently over hundreds of years. The reason this problem recurs through history over thousands of years, and persists today, is because islands of well-fed “haves” will always be the target of starving “have-nots” struggling to feed themselves on local, regional and now international levels. As long as basic needs are not met, there has been strife.

    Terrorist groups do not represent all Muslims – as you know. These terrorist militias make up a small percentage of a community. Muslim non-combatants in Iraq are terrorized by a murder rate that is ten times higher than the U.S. murder rate.

    As you might expect, people are people – the same by nature or by nurture. Muslims in Iraq are educated in a way similar to bible-belt Americans. Fathers are the head of their households and try to do the honorable thing by raising good families and educating their children to not question wisdom taught by their elders, leaders or Church. Many Americans fought against the Suffragette movement 80 years ago; and 300,000 died in part, in defense of anti-slavery laws 100 years before that.

    Jumping to a 100 km view of the planet, many regions are at different levels with their human rights and this is true among the G7 countries too. Even America could be seen to have more challenges than other nations when you consider high homeless rates, incarceration rates five times higher than the next highest G7, and the highest population of people in the world who believe in Angels (citizens whose education and language does not allow them to discern between euphemism and reality).

    Understanding what is real, and what is fear-mongering, gives us a clear view of what is the problem and a chance to solve the problem too. The word “Jihad”, for one example, is a non-violent concept. The word for war is “al-harb”. Jihad does not mean Holy War, it means “striving for just purpose”. Jihad can be defended in legal, diplomatic, and economic sanctions to deliver a just outcome. If the use of force is required, female and other non-combatants must not be harmed and peaceful overtures must be accepted.  The term Jihad was a good concept that was hijacked by political and religious groups over the centuries to justify various forms of violence. (KABBANI, 2015)(Strobel, 2010)

    War too – is not a Measured Response. The Iraq War killed one million mostly non-combatants, made a handful of Oil companies and countries very modestly richer, and it also created ISIS by removing the policing infrastructure that managed militias within Iraq. The French attack on ISIS training centers and armaments in the days that followed the Paris assault – was a Measured Response.

    ISIS is a militia of mercenaries, and relatively few in Syria, Iraq and Somalia are Holy Warriors. Following the money answers important questions about who are the parties responsible for paying these mercenary salaries. When ISIS took Syrian Oil fields, who bought the oil? Proceeds from captured Syrian Oil Fields and support by a terrorized public, pumped millions of dollars into a war chest which allowed them to buy weapons. Who sold them weapons? Looting usually yields little, so which are the bank accounts from which paychecks and cash come from?

    Young men get on planes from the west to join this Anarchic lifestyle because they feel unimportant at home. Young people who cannot start lives, families, nor find a home, food, income and other basics of life will feel this way as anyone would. These problems can be fixed by social projects here at home, but we also need to give our citizens the resources to run these projects? Consider also …

    1. Feed a man a fish – and he can eat for a day. This is the example of a Top-Down project discussed in Chapter 1. It works short-term, but benefits are often unsustainable over time and people are hungry again very shortly. These include the UN Global Goal projects.

    2. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime. This is a Bottom-Up plan that ensures self-sufficiency and food for a family, or even a community, for a lifetime. It does not provide for this man’s neighbor’s family who is also starving.

    3. Build automated tools and projects that deliver fish automatically to everyone sustainably. These are the World Peace Transition Plan of “Sustainable Bottom-Up” projects. Sustainable Bottom-Up projects provide food for this individual, community, and his neighbours, so that he will not be a “have” among “have-nots”.

    The week following the Paris attacks, two young men beat a young Muslim mother in Canada. This is not Standing on Guard as Canadians promise, this is a frustration by young people who are not given direction on what to do; nor how to do it – how to respond.

    So – if all of these points describe the problem, what is the solution?

    First Step – is to allow G8 Security Forces to fix the top-down problem – as they are already doing through Measured Responses. Next Step, as a community, we need to get to work at starting the bottom-up projects which are detailed in Chapter 6 and 7 above, and begin automating our production economies quickly. There are hundreds of straightforward worthwhile projects to run, and these would solve the problems once and for all within just a few short years – sustainably.

    That’s what a good parent and leadership presents to their children and society; hope and direction. It’s the reason that I built CSQ Research, attend political meetings, and write books that train young people to build worthwhile projects. For you, things are a lot simpler. Instead of hearing media fear-mongering – on Facebook and other media – that get us no nearer a solution, and even pushes us closer to a WW3 apocalypse and the end of mankind, give our engineers and communities the support to start a World Peace Agenda and begin the worthwhile projects that strive to move us forward.

    My deepest sympathies extend to the families of victims of terror. To the 160 killed this week in France, and to the 2,997 killed Sept 11, 2001. In Iraq, 9,900 are killed annually by terrorists, in America 12,000 are killed with guns every year, and to the many more families who were born into a part of the world that does not permit enough security to know if they or their families will awake in the morning.

    Respond to Terrorism by removing the root cause – by building the infrastructure that provides and permits everyone to have a Good Life; a life with meaning, filled with worthwhile Top-down and Bottom-Up projects, and strong families. The “How” – the process needed to run these projects – is described in Chapter 17, and the list of hundreds of projects both social and technical, are in Chapters 6 and 7. After you run a few projects successfully, you might even come to see these projects are as obvious as other advances like Helicopters and Jet Airliners are to us as well.

    This section is located on Page 416 of the 525 page book World Peace – The Transition. I hope that this explanation stands alone – but if not, read the book for full details.

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