Are Fuel Cell Vehicles and Home Hydrogen Stations – The Future?

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    Fuel Cell Cars & Home Hydrogen are the Future

    But Positive Change needs New Government Supports & Policy

    Gasoline and Hydrogen both explode – but both can also be handled safely. Batteries in cars take 13+ hours to recharge (a 30-minutes supercharger can delivery a half-charge), depending on size, and are proven to create more CO2 than a gas-vehicle lifetime due to a very heavy lithium battery.
    Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) can operate with most hydro-carbon fuels (natural gas, gasoline, kerosene, etc) including diesel or synthetic-diesel (see Audi’s Blue Crude).
    Diesel – does not explode – and it does not disolve in water  – which is another important environmental consideration that makes Methanol a very-real safety concern.
    Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) offer 65% to 80% efficiency – compared to combusion’s 20%? efficiency, so a Synth-Diesel/SOFC solution is probably the safest and cleanest, rapid-recharge (3-minutes) automotive solution today.
    However, SOFCs/Diesel solutions do require you to buy your fuels from neighbourhood fuel-stations – that take product from a local synthetic-fuel manufacturing and refinery plant best-case. No pipelines are needed in this configuration, but expensive distribution networks, tanker trucks, etc. are.
    The tipping point to a well-balanced safety/cost decision here, lies in what many articles today fail to report. The missing point is that hydrogen fuel can also be created at home – using only electrical-power and tap-water via electrolysis – safely. So – a hydrogen-gas & fuel-cell combination offers a Zero-distribution-cost solution today; and you can buy these electrolysis-based devices for $350 to $1000 online – plus delivery and installation.
    Certainly there are regulations that protect all fuel systems from accidental combusion and explosion … and nearly every home garage holds well-managed combustible fuels today. The explosion hazard seems far-from an insurmountable obstacle.
    Panicked neigh-sayers will grasp at straws to protect their status quo: with arguments against unclean power grids, job-losses, etc. but none of these arguements have merit in science nor fact on-balance.
    Years from now a rapid-charge, inexpensive, less-weighty battery technology will come along to increase battery energy-density-by-weight from today’s 1/100th that of fuel; perhaps using super-capacitor technologies not yet discovered. At that point, the power-source for our vehicles will change again – but for now, the Hydrogen Fuel Cell wins on merit.
    The bigger difficulty lies in our present inability to change our societies status-quo in anything. The rate-of-change forced by automation is similarly requiring us to develop government policies that permit jobs to be separated from incomes, healthcare policies, etc. In this way only, can oil and auto workers re-educate themselves, and take on new jobs and new businesses – in other industries and in other roles – without interupting their families and livelihoods.
    The very great benefit of making these government policy changes, is that these are the same changes that turn around a 20-year collapsing economy and also harvest the $8 trillion dollars lost in GDP exports annually today. That is a lot of Trade Revenue to lose in defence of the U.S.’s current oppressive democracy-crushing inequity. See an explanation in greater detail here… 
    The Private Health Insurance Lobby in the U.S. alone kills perhaps a half-million Americans every year, so you can feel very “American” in moving mistaken policies into history at first opportunity. Its not Conservative to deny neighbours the opportunities afforded to you; rather, it is unsustainable and a time-honoured recipe for revolution.
    Have a read of the Mayflower Compact for a hint of what a sustainable society with real freedoms could look like today.
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