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Robotic Food Grow, Packaging & Delivery

FoodBots robotically produce 100 top food & grocery products; package, and then deliver them to your home or favourite grocer.

FoodBot Systems automate Ready-for-Table produce as well as baked and assembled foods – and no-one integrates canned, bottled, or baked goods and automated delivery better than FoodBots.

At FoodBots, our vision is what sets us apart. We want to be the premier provider of sustainable food infrastructure for your community too.

FoodBots is a Worthwhile PLC Company and, as you know, the Worthwhile PLC brand means a lot. All of our systems are designed to eradicate scarcity and to build abundance. FoodBots are designed scalably so that we can provide the very best of quality control and healthy organic produce for our healthy and happy customers, and investors, anywhere in the world.


100 Grocery Items

30,000 Heads of Lettuce a Day, Two-Thousand bagged Carrots, mushrooms, on-and-on – the systems that automate our day-to-day needs build a sustainable society.


From Seeding


To Growing


Harvesting Automatically

Automated Packaging

To Packaging Automation

Automated Home DeliveryAutomated Home Delivery Vans and Drones

Direct to Home or to Market

No-one starves once food and water are automated. This Worthwhile Project ensures sustainable, scalable abundance and profitably for investors too.

FoodBots integrates with compatible CSQ #WPProjects Certified Programs like DotDomo Homes, GoodBots, Cirenergy and Robotic Roads.

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