Cirenergy – Full-Time Renewable Power

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Robotically Builds and Maintains Full-time Renewable Power Stations and Clean Fuels

Cirenergy builds full-time Renewable GeoThermal, Cold-Plasma Waste Incineration, Molten-Salt Solar Tower Power Plants and Fischer-Tropsch HydroCarbon Gas & Diesel Fuels and Hydrogen Stations. Soon we hope to announce Cold Fusion and clean, safe Thorium Reactor Energy Plants too.

Our GeoThermal energy plants are built around automated drilling platforms that generate clean power from the earth’s own abundant Thorium Reactor. Other Energy Generation Technologies planned for automation include safe, inexpensive Thorium Nuclear Reactors and – very soon – we are hoping that Cold Fusion Stations will be added to our lists. Follow CSQ Research’s Science Magazine at to learn more about the exciting future of clean, abundant and inexpensive energy.


Full-time Clean and Renewable Energy


Full-time Renewable Energy is cheap, clean, creates abundant energy and avoids Energy Poverty

Automated GeoThermal Power taps our Planet’s natural core reactor

Cold-Plasma Waste Gasification

Produce Clean Fuels locally – Fossil Crude not required. Synthetic & Fuel Cell fuels include H and O2. 

Thorium Reactors

Cold Fusion


Molten-salt Solar Towers


Distribution – The Holy Grail to End Extreme Poverty. Yes we are working to automate Grids as well.


GridBots manufacture the components needed to build and install an energy grid automatically. When broken down, there are approximately 50 components – from towers, wiring, transformers.

Stop endless Energy Poverty and wasted Energy Infrastructure spending with Cirenergy. We build Clean, sustainable, robotic systems with unsurpassed vision, that reduce construction, maintenance and life-cycle management costs while improving the quality and reliability of your energy grid too.

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Cinergy is a  Worthwhile PLC Company. Read about how #WPProjects (at Twitter & Google+) companies protect workers from income-loss and boost economies by automation at the same time in our FAQ.

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