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FDR created the American Dream with just a handful of policies which included Eleanor’s empathetic Second Bill of Rights (a Social Contract), 20-years of Wealth (80% estate taxes) and Income Distribution (92% income tax for the rich), Nationalism, Full-employment, low cost-of-living and home ownership (a mature “title” system)

The theses, courseware, and articles that explain the policies in government and business, science, and non-theory-based Economics needed to build a sustainable society reliably, are explained in the pull-down menus above

Social Contract takes center stage here as the biggest problem of our time or of any other time in human history. Why? Because today’s 70-year-old monetary system is the first to cycle down to normal imbalance – within a mature nuclear era. By the timing of World War commencements in 1914 and 1939, two previous mature capitalisms, we are within just ten years of the correctable 100% destruction of most living things on this planet

The United Nations missed its founders’ instructions to prevent another mature capitalism – and this explains why our Social Contracts are misdiagnosed today. 95% of countries are focusing on far-less-important social symptoms and not underlying cause. We solve this problem at CSQ transparently – and invite you to follow along and to also learn to understand our proven, defendable scientific methodologies

CSQ’s Sustainable Societies Program is home to the SCP (Social Contract Product), TASK (The Academic Sustainable Societies Challenge), Transition Economics – a non-theory based science that explains the policies of strong economies, ACT – a solution at every voter’s ballot box, Worthwhile Industries, #WPProjects, CMI (Country Management Index), SDC – Training & Certification Programs, and more

Mature Capitalism

Capitalistic policies that work well to build a strong social contract early-on in a well-distributed monetary system, don’t work well later as the cycle matures. This is due to the mathematical certainty of compounding interest and the natural imbalances created by important capitalism in any economy. As annual inflations of 1% to 14% compound for 60-years, a 1% inflation in 2019 is now 60-times (60% inflation) in 1960 dollars. 5% of nations today live the American Dream still because they actively managed the balance between incomes and cost-of-living (a strong social contract) at all points in the cycle

In countries that did not protect their social contracts, productivity stalled as citizens could not create and market their resources. A weak Social Contract costs nations an average of $3.6 billion per day – a reality which is ignored by GDP reports. Our schools teach theory in how economies should work, and not how they actually do work – and so voters were never taught how to protect Social Contracts. FDR’s “Second Bill of Rights” would have added Social Contract to America’s Constitution – to “Win the Peace” as he would say

The word “Socialism” is explained as a mash of discussions in ethics, ownership, and social programs – often for purposes of specific agendas and in contravention of Socratic Method’s best-practice for disambiguation. See the USE CASE for Monetary Systems

Hardest hit are large democracies; instead of having Constitutions ensuring socially responsible policy, multi-billion-dollar advertising campaigns misdirected voters to prefer that 95% of all incomes flow to the top-1% rich instead. Market-tested slogans like “low-tax”, small government, conservative, open markets, evil/failed/unAmerican socialism, etc., compel voters to inadvertently create the same dystopic conditions that authors Dickens, Byron, Hugo, Aristotle, and Tolstoy explained


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CSQ is where Government, Business and Thought-Leadership Teams find the tools to build strategic Right Plans for sustainable communities, a Good Life, and even World Peace


From self-sufficient, automated neighborhoods that cost a fraction of today’s manual societies; to the Policies and Worthwhile Campuses that build them. The Worthwhile Ventures Team  finance the projects needed to build every country’s ultimate Economic Strategic Plan

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