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Sustainable Economies & Impact Investment

CSQ Research is homebase to  the Science of  Transition Economics, Worthwhile Ventures, EconomyTechSUSTAIN Project Management, and the Renewable Automations Index (RAI)

Worthwhile Communities are self-sufficient, automated neighbourhoods that cost a fraction of today’s manual societies; the Worthwhile Ventures that finance companies and projects needed to build these companies – are every country’s ultimate economic Strategic Plan

CSQ is where Government, Business and Thought-Leadership Teams find the tools to build Strategic Right Plans for Sustainable Societies, a Good Life & even World Peace

Certifications & Training

CSQ Certs

SUSTAIN Project Management Training

CSQ Certified EconomyTech Companies

CSQ Certified Renewable Automation Companies

Corporate Social Responsibility

It’s about Short, Mid-term,Long-term Investment Growth in Socially Responsible solutions that build Prosperous Economies too. At CSQ, we are always working toward a Good Life and sustainable society; its not about absolutes like “Good or Bad”

Epistemology –
Practical Philosophy in Education

We build education Courseware, Books, and Programs based on applied Practical Philosophy and Strategic Right Plans that build prosperous countries; sustainable Good Lives in which we are proud of our Thinkers, Builders, Doers, Cultures, Innovation and the strong Families.

CSQ Research studies Government Policy, Automation, Income and Economic Injectors. We discuss Civics Education, Democratic & Monarchy Process, Sustainable Social & Innovation Policy, Practical Applied Philosophy, Robotics, Transition Economics and the Project Management methods needed to provide Abundant Energy, Food, Housing, Transport and Human Rights & Freedoms to Discover and Adventure

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WorthWhile Ventures

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Impact Investing & U.N. 2030 SDGs



Worthwhile PLC Projects are 250 Connected Smart Factories that automate our manual economy and provide a Sustainable, Abundant Good Life. Renewable Automation of food, goods, housing, supporting #TEMature social policy, energy, transport & more.

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Worthwhile PLC

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Automation is our Generation's Moon Launch and greatest legacy!


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